Relationships are key to your success.

The Interactifs Discipline© is the key to successful relationships.

Training and coaching for leaders, managers, sales teams and many others

Develop your social intelligence emotional intelligence situational intelligence

Use Cases

400 + Managers, Sales, Pre-Sales & Value Engineers in France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the UK.
400 + Directors, Managers, Account Managers and Sales Executives in France, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US.
150 + Top Executives and Senior Managers in France, Germany, Spain and the UK.
More than 400 Associate Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and Senior Consultants in France and Belgium.
Bouygues Construction
Over 2,000 participants across the world: Australia, Cuba, France, Hong Kong, Morocco, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, the UK…
5,000 + Sales and After-Sales managers and advisors in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.
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130,000 + people have gained in efficiency speed  influence

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What they say...

 Dennis Beel
Dennis Beel Partner PwC Consulting
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"Taking a seminar with Interactifs is much more than a training course, it's a real learning experience. It helps you refocus on what matters most in your business and personal life : human interaction. The process of learning and improvement has allowed me to not only to produce more with less energy but also to have a lot more fun within the process".
François Amiot
François AmiotSORELAIT Director, Danone franchise on Reunion Island
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"I have been "giving this gift" for 20 years to most of my direct collaborators, in the different positions and companies, small and large, in different sectors of activity that I have been involved with; and by prioritizing all collaborators at all levels in contact with the customer: so much more pleasant for a customer to have to do with a supplier who listens well, who saves you time even when the subject is difficult, and who "doesn't beat around the bush"! One of the best investments in customer relations that I know of! These experiences have convinced me that the Interactifs Discipline is a tool for profitable growth, and freedom for those who take it up. My advice: start by training yourself!"
 Gareth Mee
Gareth Mee Partner EY Financial Services
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"The shy people in my team have become much better at speaking up; and the people who were a bit abrupt have learnt how to be more sensitive whilst still getting to the point. One of the enduring benefits of the training is the ability for our senior team members to be assertive over the request they are making to our clients to commit to spending money with us."
Philippe Martin
Philippe Martin Partner Eight Advisory (transaction & restructuring)
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"I applied what I learned to high-stakes meetings. The result: we had very productive conversations and were able to jump back in. After being the outsider on a deal, we ended up winning it!"
  Carole Mayer
Carole Mayer Stellantis Training Manager
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"Practical and operational, finally a behavioral training that can be deployed at any level of the company without questioning the added value. Added value in professional relations as well as in the commercial efficiency of our networks. I was lucky enough to be trained face-to-face, then to carry out telephone coaching. It is very powerful and I apply it on a daily basis, because it is so simple and it works!"
 Bruno Cathelinais
Bruno Cathelinais Former Chairman, Bénéteau Group
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"The Interactifs Discipline© is remarkable in that it removes the unsaid elements from meetings, allowing participantsto get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible and to find realistic solutions which are clearly acceptable to all. Sharing this approach with colleagues represents a real opportunity for changing a company's culture and installing lasting effectiveness."
  Bertrand Thimonier
Bertrand Thimonier President Adviso Partners (M&A)
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"For our firm, relational efficiency is one of the pillars of our actions. It is also the fruit of 5 years of work with the Interactifs teams".
 Christian Duvillet
Christian Duvillet General Manager LCL Bank
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"I believe that becoming more professionnal in the way we deal with our clients, as toughts by Interactifs, is one of the key success factors for our bank. The operational excellence of the bank is a function not just of our employees' mastery of the product portfolio but of the style and the structure of their exchanges with customers and with colleagues."
Samia KHEDIRI PARIZOTGlobal Account Executive - Capgemini Group
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"More than a training, Interactifs is a real coaching experience. Interactifs helped me be more simple, more impactful and more efficient while staying true to my personality. The approach is useful at both the professional and personal levels, especially in complex situations. It gives ways of being more direct and more respectful, which is a healthy discipline. I invite you to try this communication coaching to understand the true value Interactifs can bring."
Guillaume Girard-Reydet
Guillaume Girard-ReydetManaging Director - Pernod Ricard Iberia
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"After so many years since I met Interactifs in 1993, I am still amazed that I remember so clearly and actively what I learned there."
Mark Wolstenholme
Mark WolstenholmePartner EY Consulting
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"Rarely has a training course had so many positive and immediate applications. Thank you."
 Benedicte Chevrou
Benedicte Chevrou Head of training at Bouygues Construction University
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"At Bouygues Construction, Interactifs training is offered to all managers. The feedback is clear: a simple approach that fosters efficiency and helps to calm down certain relationships that could become conflictual! So why not to take advantage of it?"

We always promise the same value proposition  learning experience


The most tried and tested
8 participants
  • Discover: 3 or 2 days collective classroom
  • Assimilate: 2x1h individual telephone follow-up
  • Embed: 2 days collective classroom


The most digital of all
4 participants
  • Discover: 4h collective + 4x1h individual + 4h collective video conference
  • Assimilate: 2x1h individual telephone follow-up
  • Embed: 4x1h individual + 4h collective video conference


The most custom-made
1 participants
  • Discover: 3h video conference or 1/2 day one-on-one
  • Assimilate: 2x1h video conference
  • Embed: 2x1h individual telephone follow-up


The best of the 3
8 participants
  • Discover: 3 or 2 days collective classroom
  • Assimilate: 2x1h individual telephone follow-up
  • Embed: 4x1h individual + 4h collective video conference (sub-groups of 4)

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