Our vision

The 3 Es of interpersonal relationships


For many businesses, those who talk a lot also cost a lot!

These fairly well paid, mostly highly skilled professionals, constitute the biggest cost centre of many businesses.

The productivity of their time spent talking and listening therefore becomes critical (even though this cost is often overlooked as it doesn’t appear on the books).


Moreover, the way these people act, talk and listen has a direct impact on the image of the business and the well-being of its staff.

In a competitive environment, this image and this well-being have become two of the most important assets of any business.

Without trust most of them are worth very little!


Learning the Interactifs Discipline© and practicing it in daily interactions fosters lasting, productive and respectful relationships.

Such an investment is not only the most accessible source of increased profit, it is also a guarantee of more comfort and well-being for employees.

Who could do without more of both nowadays?

Philippe de Lapoyade (Founder of Interactifs)

Our ambition

Our ambition is:

  • For the Interactifs Discipline© to become the most sought-after soft skills approach for professionals around the world.
  • To serve all major markets in their native language through local trainers.
  • To make a significant contribution to the well-being of professionals throughout the world.

Our mission

Interactifs Group is responsible for:

  • Promoting and protecting Interactifs and the Interactifs Discipline© throughout the world.
  • Finding and rigorously selecting local business partners.
  • Transferring Interactifs’ know-how to the local entity and its trainers.
  • Overseeing the quality control processes on an ongoing basis.
  • Sharing of best practices between entities.
  • Ensuring consistency and conformity in local practices and processes.
  • Dispatching business opportunities throughout the group.
  • Federating the 80 + trainers and partners around the world.