Our business

Going global in the spirit of local for local

Our history

It all started with a question

We all instinctively feel greater respect for someone who speaks with honesty.

In business, there isn’t time to waste with endless niceties, waffle and small talk. But of course, you won’t achieve much if you simply bulldoze your way through meetings and conversations to get what you want.

There has to be a way of communicating that gets straight to the point and ensures you get the result you want more often, more quickly – all without alienating everyone at the same time.

Many years ago, Philippe de Lapoyade and a group of management and communication professionals set out to find out how it could be done.

In their pioneering research, Philippe and his colleagues applied the methodologies and meticulous observation used in Lean manufacturing and Total Quality Management.

After many years of trial and error, they found a small number of constants of behaviour which more often produce trust, comfort and concrete results for all.

These constants are called the Interactifs Discipline©.

They then built a highly effective teaching methodology to ensure that these constants are integrated into the behaviour of those we train whilst remaining true to who they are.

Convinced that the most effective way to change behaviour is in one’s mother tongue, we are now setting up local offices in all major countries to serve local markets in local language.

A few dates

Start of the research and development


Birth of the Interactifs Discipline and creation of the company close to Bordeaux in the Southwest of France


LCL selects Interactifs to train 5 000 of its delegates and signature of a licence agreement with the Credit Agricole


Renault selects Interactifs to train its 13 000 delegates around the world as part of the « Drive the Change » programme.


Creation of Interactifs Turkey


Onboarding of Flemish and Portuguese trainers


Creation of Interactifs UK and Interactifs Spain


Creation of Interactifs Italy and Interactifs Poland and onboarding of our first German trainer


Creation of Interactifs Ouest Africa in Senegal and onboarding of our first Japanese trainer


Opening of Interactifs Australia and New-Zealand

Our team