The Interactifs Group is responsible for the promotion and protection of Interactifs and the Interactifs Discipline® throughout the world.

Interactifs is a training company created in 1989 that has developed a vision of what makes relationships ‘work’, based on many years of observation what individuals do in their conversations when they produce more often :

  • a result,
  • with an efficient use of their time and energy,
  • while constructing esteem and trust for that result to be replicable through time.

Our vision is for Interactifs become the most renowned and sought-after expert when it comes to the improvement of inter personal behaviour in business throughout the world.


Interactifs group is responsible for :

  • Finding and rigorously selecting local business partners.
  • Transferring Interactifs’ know-how to the local entity and its trainers.
  • Overseeing the quality control processes on an ongoing basis.
  • Sharing of best practices between entities.
  • Ensuring sufficient homogeneity in local practices and processes.
  • Dispatching business opportunities throughout the group.
  • Promoting  the Interactifs Discipline throughout the world for the benefit of all entities.
  • Federating the 80 + trainers around the world.